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Free Webinar

Program Includes

  • 10 week mentorship course included with Private Group Mentorship sessions. 

  •  Sellers cold-calling scripts, mail out scripts, purchase contracts, assignment contracts, Hernan Hernandez's E-book on "How to effectively close the sale" sold on Amazon and Kindle. 

  • How to acquire seller cell numbers, landline numbers, emails and age of seller to effectively market to the best potential clients. Assuring that you are marketing to the highest potential sellers motivated to sell. 

  • Private slack communication with The Investment Brothers to be able to make sure you can always have direct and private access to us in those moments when you need a quick answer. 

  • The Investment Brothers help you step by step close your first 3 deals as a joint venture scenario from your generated leads. 

  • All the marketing methods used personally by The Investment Brothers will be provided along with our best marketing pieces and how to identify the best markets to target. 

  •  You will learn how to evaluate the value of any property with its "ARV" after repair value in any market. How to determine what to offer a motivated seller and most importantly how to find cash buyers and dispose of your product. 

  • We teach you how to set up all the platforms and vendors used by the investment brother to get you started. All third party monthly services provided by third party providers or vendors are not affiliated with TIB. Those fees are extra monthly fees incurred directly by students. These are the same platforms and vendors used by The Investment Brothers Inc. on a monthly basis to run their Business. 




you will learn…





*What it really takes to be a successful real estate investor

"After taking this course I was able to increase my volume of deals by 500%."

-Student Los Angeles, CA

*How to build an all-star team of advisors, service providers, and allies in order to fully maximize your profits on every opportunity

"The continuous support that I receive in the private groups is a game changer."

-Student Birmingham, AL

*How to quickly identify good opportunities and uncover profit generating angles to every deal that most novice investors


"Before I even finished the program I was able to put my first deal together."

-Student St. Louis, MO

*How to quickly and accurately determine the maximum purchase price you should pay and what you can realistically expect to sell for

"I never realized that I was overpaying for so many of my projects, thanks TIB!"

-Student Durham, NC

*How to create your own customized, specific marketing list to target the exact type of properties you want to buy

"After learning how to create my own  marketing list, I was able to go after what I wanted, and not use the same call list as everyone else"

-Student San Diego, CA

*How to read and understand the social style of your prospects so that you can talk in a way that will cause them to listen and for you to listen in a way that will cause them to open up

"I cannot thank you enough my communications skills have improved so much, I am no longer afraid to make that phone call."

-Student Tulsa, OK

*How to run the remodeling process of your properties like a pro

"I saved so much money on my new project thanks TIB, like Hector says, you make money when you buy not when you sell."

-Student Sherwood, OR

*How to budget for improvements and where to invest the bulk of the money for maximum ROI

"I was always wasting so much money on the wrong things, I now understand how to make the most profit."

-Student Dallas, TX

*How to structure the financing in order to maximize your ROI and    potentially purchase with no money down

"I finally was able to purchase my first property with no money down, I didn't think it was possible."

-Student Orlando, FL

*How to properly calculate and understand the costs associated with hard money financing

"Thanks you guys for going over hard money financing with me, I never quite grasped the full understanding of it."

-Student Oakland, CA

*How to have multiple exit strategies for your investments

"During my rehab I was stuck with a contractor who wouldn't finish the job. In the private group The Investment Brothers guided me on what to do. I ended up saving money in the end."

-Student Mobile, AL


*How to keep the equity in your project tax free and create  passive income

"I was able to increase my rental properties and have created an extra $6000 a month in passive income"

-Student Las Vegas, NV

*Gain an understanding of leading economic indicators to predict future real estate trends

"The knowledge that these guys have is incredible, I cannot believe they share some of the stuff that they do. See you at the top!"

-Student San Jose, CA

*Learn actionable money-making approaches to get more deals under contract in any area and any market

"They actually have live footage of them comping properties, while driving around in Los Angeles."

-Student Phoenix, AZ

*Everything you need to know in order to wholesale like a pro nationwide

And so much more…!!!


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