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The Investment Brothers began their careers in the real estate industry in the early 90’s.  First as realtors and eventually as investors in the South Central Los Angeles area.  Over the last 25+ years they have done close to 1,000 projects totaling well over $150M in deal flow.  Their mission is to empower people who are interested in achieving long term wealth in real estate with the tools and professional systematic process necessary to learn how to resource, purchase, and profit from residential real estate opportunities. The master class series of modules is designed to teach a bottom-up approach on the entire fix and flip as well as wholesaling process.  Everything from finding good opportunities to making sure you exit the deals quickly and for healthy profits, all while managing the downside risk.  















Under the mentorship of the co-founder of the largest hard money lender in the U.S. as of 2019,  they have gained extensive knowledge on negotiating & structuring favorable terms, financing through cross-collateralization, purchasing with no money down, professional wholesaling, risk management and much more.  All of these topics and more are covered in the master class series.  They have seen a need in the marketplace for quality real world educational content in the flipping and wholesaling industries and their purpose is to fill that need with The Real Estate Master Class Series. 


Both Hector and Hernan live in the Los Angeles area with their families and are actively involved in ministerial and philanthropic work in their local communities. 

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