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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Do I need to follow the program chapter by chapter?


It’s ultimately up to you. We strongly suggest you go chapter by chapter, since it was organized in that manner. We also suggest you also go through all the program before you decide to take on your first flip or wholesale deal.



How do I sign up for the mentoring group?

A (Zoom link) will be provided to the student prior to each meeting.



What if I have additional questions that are not answered in the program or need more detailed information?


If your question is regarding the program itself, you can reach out to us at: for additional  

information. If you have gone through the course material and have questions about the course content, you can email your questions to, prior to the zoom meeting so we can address it there for the benefit of others as well.


Do you offer one-on-one mentorship with your students?


Currently, we are only working with students in a group setting. 


How long will it take for me to put my first deal together?


That completely depends on you. It all comes down to how serious you take your commitment to learn and grow. There are many factors that will determine your results and so because of that it’s impossible to give you a specific answer to this question. Our program offers you all the tools necessary for you to learn, grow, and succeed as a real estate entrepreneur and everyone gets different results on different timelines.


Do you offer refunds or money back guarantee if I am not satisfied?


No.  A lot of the information in the modules is proprietary information that we have used in the past and currently use today.  We treat this information as intellectual property.  In an effort to limit the copying of this material, once a purchase is made, we cannot provide a refund. If you need help or have questions with anything related to the course content, you will have access to our mentoring sessions as well as access to additional course content that is added in the future.



Does your program teach you how to wholesale nationwide?


Yes, it does. We are actively wholesaling in multiples states. The wholesaling modules go in depth into the process of wholesaling and common questions that aspiring wholesaling have.



Does your program teach you how to Fix & Flip?


Yes, it does. We are actively rehabbing in multiples states. The modules teach you the rehabbing process from start to finish.



Do you upsell to a more detailed and complete program?


No, we have created a complete program with nothing else needed to buy from us. You will learn our systematic process. You will have access to any additional course content that is uploaded to the site.



How fast will I have access to the program if I decide to buy?


You will have immediate access to the program once your purchase is complete.



Do you provide samples of your marketing materials?


Yes, we provide you examples of our most successful direct mail letters and envelopes for you to use.



Do you provide cold calling scripts?


Yes, we do. The phone scripts and qualifying questions we use are within the course content.



Do you teach how to overcome seller objections?


Yes, we have a detailed video to show you how to overcome the most common seller objections and questions. We also provide scripts to help you as well.




How often will the mentoring meeting take place?


We meet with our students as needed, depending on the questions and concerns of the students.  It is not mandatory that you log into any of the meetings. They are completely optional.  Our goal is to try and equip our students to the point where they can successfully do things on their own.




Do you suggest I start prospecting in my local market or outside my local area, such as another state?


The decision is ultimately up to you. However, we suggest that you start in your local market. This will make it a lot easier to implement the process and principles we teach.  



Do you teach about which platforms to use for marketing, prospecting, and market research?


We do talk about the platforms that we have used and currently use.  As with all business, things are always changing, and we are constantly looking to improve our operations, so this is something that is constantly changing for us. This question will consistently be addressed in the private ZOOM group. So yes, we do get specific on service providers that we use.

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