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  1. Entrepreneurial Mindset as a Real Estate Investor.

  2. How to build your all-star team of professionals.

  3. Learn the different types of risks associated with flipping and wholesaling.

  4. How to comp properties to determine fast & accurate purchase prices.

  5. Examples of real properties we comped and purchased to show you what we look for in a good deal.

  6. How to find vacant houses anywhere in the US.

  7. Create your own unique marketing lists.

  8. Learn the “secret sauce” to obtain detailed seller information with a 90% accuracy rate.

  9. How to find and wholesale real estate deals without using your own money or credit. 

  10. We will show you how to market and source deals at well below market value.

  11. Recordings of actual seller calls.

  12. Learn how to negotiate with sellers using powerful insights.

  13. Learn different financing options for your fix and flip deals as well as the buy and hold longer term properties in your portfolio.

  14. Learn the multiple exit strategies for your projects.

  15. Learn our step-by-step process to run your rehab projects so you can finish quickly and on budget. 

  16. Learn the macroeconomic indicators we used to see the 2008 and 2022 economic downturns well in advance and how you can develop a macro-outlook that will help you avoid future market declines. 

The Gold Standard In Real Estate


The Real Estate Masterclass

Master Class is a series of educational courses that lay out a professional systematic framework to invest in fix & flip opportunities and wholesale real estate nationwide.


The Investment Brothers
Hernan & Hector Hernandez

We began our careers in the real estate industry in the early 90’s. First, as realtors and eventually as investors in the South-Central Los Angeles Area. Over the last 30 years we have completed over 1,900 projects and growing in real estate deal volume and over $260,000,000 million in acquisitions nationwide. Our mission is to empower people who are interested in achieving long term wealth in real estate with the tools and a systematic approach we use to source, purchase, and profit from residential real estate opportunities.

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