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The Real Estate Masterclass Includes ---

Laying The Foundation (Mindset & Building Your Team)

All the techniques and knowledge in the world will not help you if you don’t have the right mindset! Entrepreneurship is an inherently difficult endeavor fraught with challenges of all types. Having the right mindset and developing the key attributes that all successful entrepreneurs have is vital if you want to make it in this business long term. Learn the characteristics that every seasoned real estate investor must have from people who have done it through multiple economic cycles and nearly 30 years of experience in the fix and flip space.

Real Estate is a team sport. Nobody builds anything great without a supporting team around them. Having the right team of professionals around you to advise and guide you through the ever changing landscape of real estate will not only help make you more profitable but will save you thousands by avoiding some of the most overlooked blind spots that can lead to problems. The TIB Master Class will show you who you need to have on your team, why, and how to make sure you have the right fit for you.

Protecting The Downside (Risk Management & Due Diligence)

One of the most important principles about investing and compounding your money is to not lose money. Warren Buffett is known for saying: “Rule #1 of investing is: don’t lose money. Rule #2 Don’t forget rule #1”

You will learn how to develop a solid due diligence process to prevent making some of the most common mistakes made by both novice and well as experienced real estate investors. Having a thorough due diligence process will not only help you avoid money losing situations but you will also learn how to use that to uncover money making opportunities that are often overlooked by inexperienced investors and wholesalers alike.

Identifying The Deals (Recognizing the opportunity)

When opportunity presents itself you need to be able to act quickly and decisively. Over the years we have noticed a big need in the marketplace especially from wholesalers who bring us deals and that is that the majority of people wouldn’t know what a good deal is if it hit them in the head! Many investors waste precious time looking into properties that can easily be discarded after a few minutes of focused and intentional research. We will show you how too quickly and accurately identify where you should be dedicating your resources and what is a hard pass. We will also show you how to determine accurate After Repair Values and how to quickly determine what your max offer price should be using real world examples and live street footage so that you can learn what to look for and why there are often large differences in price from one comp to another even though they are in the same neighborhood.

Marketing and Deal Generation

The biggest challenge faced by most investors and wholesalers is generating consistent deal flow into their business. Being able to specifically target the type of property and seller you want to attract will set you apart from most investors in the market today. Many people spend a lot of money on marketing efforts by taking a “shotgun” approach and hope to attract good quality leads. Imagine what it would do to your business if you could target the specific property type and seller that you want and eliminate all the rest?

In our marketing series of modules we will show you how to source the best quality data, cleanse and filter it down to the most high quality leads for your business model in order to generate better leads with less expense.

Rehabbing 101

If you’re like most people who see the fix and flip shows on cable television you might be thinking that remodeling homes for profit is a fun, neat and clean process that anyone can do by knocking down a wall and creating an “open concept”. Nothing could be further from the truth! Understanding how to best budget for maximum return on investment and manage your projects so they get finished on time and on budget is a key factor in successful fix and flip investing.

We will teach you how to manage a construction project
How to invest your rehab budget in a way that will produce the best ROI
How to avoid the most common, money losing mistakes made by novice investors

Financing Your Deals

Manipulating mortgage money to your advantage is one of the tried and true ways of becoming wealthy in real estate! Knowing the ins and outs of real estate financing is a huge edge in creating long term lasting wealth. At the same time, leverage is the cause of most financial blow ups, better said, it’s the lack of understanding of how financing and hard money work. In our financing modules we will teach you everything you need to know about some of the most common types of financing for fix and flip investing, with a focus on hard money. Knowing how to properly determine what you financing costs are going to be and fully understanding your terms can be the difference between making a healthy profit and losing your shirt!

The Exit Strategy

The hallmark of a seasoned investor is not only being able to acquire good opportunities but also being able to get out of them quickly and efficiently.One of the largest benefits of being able to source your own deals with no middle men involved is that you don’t have to pay commissions or finder fees that many times squeeze out a large part of the profit. Our system teaches you not only how to get the best deals at the best possible price but also how to analyze and structure you deals in a way that gives you multiple exit strategies! Whether you goal is to fix and flip for a profit or you want to keep your equity tax free and create passive income, we will show you what you need to know in order to exit your deals like a pro!

The Macro View

Being able to analyze and understand economic trends both locally and nationally will help you stay ahead of changes in the real estate market. What if you could avoid being hurt by the next real estate slow down or potential market crash? Is it possible to see a market crash ahead of time? In our module “The Macro View”, we show you how you could have seen the Great Financial Crisis more than a year before it became headline news. As a professional real estate investor you must learn how to develop a macro economic view that gives you visibility of 6 to 18 months into the future and how wages, interest rates, GDP and many other factors all tie in together.

The Art of Wholesaling

If the idea of facilitating the deal flow for others investors, getting paid for finding good deals, and making money without risking any of your own capital is appealing to you then wholesaling is definitely for you! This is one of the best ways for new investors to learn their market, gain experience, and build capital quickly before breaking into the fix and flip side of the business. Wholesaling is a skill that once its mastered can be easily done nationwide. The series of wholesaling modules teaches you all things wholesaling from A to Z on everything from how to build a buyers list, find good deals to move, structure the deals, and keep your buyers coming back for more!

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